WWDC 2022 Keynotes

WWDC22 Keynotes sweet summery

WWDC is Major Apple event held every year, here is the summery of all mejojr announcement they made at WWDC22.

iOS 16

iOS 16

  • All new customised Lock Screen, with widgets and Live Activities support.
  • Apple announce Apple Pay Later, which will support 4 equal instalments with zero interest and no fees.
  • iCloud share photo library allow users to share photos with five other users, using select photo, date range or can choose automatic to share with the users in the photo.
  • Messages have ability to edit, undo send, allowing users to recall the messages, Email allow users to schedule emails, undo send, remind to attach attachment.
  • Parental control allow users to setup kids device, kids can now request more screen time on Messages from Parents.
  • Apple Map now support multi stop route, user will get transit update for public transport routs, including travel coast and transit card support in Apple Wallet. Apple support look around now (just like street view).

Watch OS 9

  • Added new running metrics, including vertical oscillation, stride length and ground contact time.
  • Fitness app in iOS now will be enabled without apple watch, so users without apple watch can close the rings.
  • Workouts now have hart rate zones, so you can see how hard you’re exercising.
  • The Sleep app will now have Sleep Stages, a feature that uses signals from your watch’s accelerometer to figure out what sleep stage you’re in, and how long you’ve spent in each stage.
  • Apple Watch will be able to track your “A-fib history” to help doctors monitor heart arrhythmia and determine if treatment is helping.
  • Also added feature to track and manage medication.


  • The second generation of Apple silicon M2 is 18% better performer, while the GPU is 35% faster.
  • Apple announce new Macbook Air with M2, with improved built-in camera (1080p) and improved low light performance with TouchID.
  • Macbook Pro is getting M2, with CPU gains up to 40% over M1 Macbook Pro.

macOS Ventura

  • Stage Manager is coming to macOS, now you can group running apps together, so while click on a group it will be in focused and other apps will be minimised.
  • Mail App is getting support for undo send, schedule send and timed reminders.
  • Safari will now be able to use passkeys instead of passwords.
  • Apple’s game-development focused API Metal is upgrading with upscaling and faster resource loading.
  • A very cool feature Continuity Camera is introduced, now you can use your iPhone camera for video calls on macOS. Desk View allow you capture what you are doing on your desk using iPhone’s wide angle lens.

iPadOS 16

  • iPasOS will also get Stage Manager feature to group task related apps together, only those apps will be in focus while selecting the group.
  • Share photo library, share safari tab groups like features from iOS will be in iPadOS as well.
  • Introduced Weather App to iPad with coon animations, for developers WeatherKit is introduced to integrate weather in their apps.
  • Collaboration feature to collaborate with team using Pages, Safari tab groups, notes and keynotes.
  • post3Freeform , Desktop-class apps are new added apps for iPad.